Exercise is medicine. It changes the brain and the body in beneficial ways that are more powerful than any pill you can take.

first time? bay area resident? $60 for your first month of unlimited yoga!


What to expect


Yes, the room will be hot.  Rest assured that your body will learn to sweat to cool down, but initially, it will feel hot ... this is normal!   You may, at any time during class, sit down or leave the room (respectfully please), bring water in with you, drink it as you need, let your body get used to being in a hot room. do what you can, have some fun... you will feel fantastic at the end of class!


What to bring


Wear the least amount of clothing that you are comfortable with - but please... no nude yoga here.  tTpical attire for women: sports bra like top and short cropped fitted bottom.  Typical attire for men: running shorts or fitted swim suit bottoms. 


Available to rent/buy

Breathe Mat/Towel combo rental $4

Towel rental $2

Lock rental $2

... or bring your own... whatever works for you.

Water, coconut water, protein drinks, are available for purchase

Yoga and Pilates wear is available for purchase


Some basic yoga etiquette and considerations

Bikram Yoga classes and Hot Pilates classes are individual as well as group experiences...  please be respectful of yourself and others.

We do allow late arrivals - we are in the big booming city by the bay ... things happen.  However, if you will be more than 10 minutes late please come to the next class.

Should you need to leave the room please do so in between the postures.

When returning or entering a class that is already in session please wait at the door until the teacher waves you in.